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Here is where you start your job hunt. Santa Barbara Careers's powerful search tools and continually updated database of jobs are designed to help you find your next job.


Enter the words to search on here. Each line can have a complete phrase, but each separate word or phrase should be on a separate line. For example, "Graphic Designer" can be entered on one line, but "Designer" and "Artist" should be on separate lines.

Smart Match

Smart Match uses concepts to expand your search beyond your keyword. For example, if you use "Nursing Assistant" as a keyword, Smart Match will also look for jobs containing "CNA", "Geriatric Aide", "Associate Nurse", and others. This can find more jobs than keywords alone can. Please note that if a job matches due to a Smart Match term, this term will not be highlighted in the result list.

Job Categories

All jobs fall under one or more of the following categories. Choose as many categories as you want to search in.

Job Type

  • Regular: Permanent or long-term employment.
  • Contract: Working independently on behalf of an employer. A contractor is not typically on an employer's payroll.
  • Intern: Working in a professional environment to complete an academic program.
  • Temporary: Short-term or seasonal work, often placed through an agency.

Choose one or more job types. Not specifying a job type will look for postings with any job type.

Job Schedule

In general, full-time employment involves workweeks of 35-40 hours. Part-time employment is less.

Choose one or both job schedules. Not specifying a job schedule will look for jobs with any schedule.

Desired Minimum Salary

Enter the lowest salary you would be willing to accept.

Company Name

Use this to restrict your search to a specific company's listings. It will match any part of an employer's name. For example, searching on "int" in this field will show job listings from Covisint, International Paper, and any other company with "int" in its name.

Posting Date

Use this to restrict your search to the most recently posted jobs within the given timespan.

Work Location

Santa Barbara Careers offers you three different methods of specifying where you want to work. Choose one method.

Search in Santa Barbara Careers Listings

Choose this location method if you only want to see jobs listed with Santa Barbara Careers.

Search in City, State, ZIP

Use this location method to identify the city you want to search in and the range around it.

Job Search Distance

The distance from the specified location. For example, a Job Search Distance of 100 miles will find any job within 100 miles of the center of the city you name.

Search in Region/State

Find any job within a state or group of states.

Search Announcements

Registered users who save their search queries can receive email about new matches.

Search and Reset buttons

The Reset button restores everything to the original state it was in when the page loaded. If the form was pre-populated with information, hitting reset will restore those values, not clear them.